My goal is to ensure that no other first-gen, pre-health student goes into the field blind-sided. As someone that struggled to get into medical school, afraid to ask for help because I felt like I knew nothing, I hope that I can help mentor you in any capacity. Whether it be regarding nontraditional application, MCAT, personal statement, public health, MPH – anything that I can help with from my own experiences. These are simple 1:1 30 minute time slots, just to answer questions that may not be answered on my instagram or blog. Unfortunately, I will only be able to take limited appointments because I am a medical student. If you have a simple question check out my blog posts or IG. Or simply email me!

My door is always open!

What do I mean by that? I will always be candid with you, so yes that may be a little rough at first, but I will be honest about how you can get where you want to be – even if the journey may not be as straight forward as you hoped. My journey was not straight at all. It was far from it. But without my added “hurdles,” I know I would not be the person I am today and the future physician I will be for my patients.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment email me, DM me, or fill out the contact form below. Please include your availability so I can create an appointment accordingly. I cannot wait to meet you, get to know and one day be your colleague, as we work together to transform healthcare.

Let’s connect! I’m excited to meet you.