Welcome! I am thrilled to have you here.

Hi Friends! Welcome to my official blog! 

Truth is I always have wanted to blog but never really found my why until more recently. I have always known that my life goal is to impact as many lives as possible, in a positive way of course. I had naively assumed by becoming a physician I could impact all lives, equally, but when through my pseudo-Americorps position and my master’s of public health, I learned that not all individuals get cared for equally. I learned the realities of health disparities and the strong role that social determinants of health plays in that, with one of the determinants being racism.

How is it that the melanin in your skin can determine that you have a longer or shorter life compared to another individual? It hurt me deep to my core to see the statistics in my MPH but it cut deeper to see the realities in the communities I had the privilege of serving and working with. I knew that I could no longer go into medicine blindly, but with the reinforcements that I was going to change. My goal from “impacting as many lives as possible” evolved into, bringing social justice in medicine to those who have been betrayed by the system in the past. It was up to me.

This goal became more and more clear as the pandemic hit, I found a platform I could express all of this information and continue to advocate on the sidelines as I attempted to get into medical school for the fourth time. Upon acceptance, by nothing short of a miracle, I am here in medical school still fighting alongside attempting to master med school.

Through this page I hope to continue to advocate, but I also want to mentor, inspire and cheer on the future medical and public health leaders of the world. The truth is the only reason I did not give up on my journey is because I had always been blessed (on each part of my journey) with a mentor who had more faith in me than I did. That goes a long way. Although I did not find these mentors until post-undergrad, they are the sole reason I kept going after what felt like a lifetime of failures. I hope I can be that mentor for any of you reading this. I hope to continue to share my journey and inspire you to find you why, hold onto it and change the world.

I believe in you, now you believe in yourself too! To hear more generalized inspo/hype person stuff check out kritical thoughts, otherwise browse around, I hope you learn something new and are inspired in one way or another. If you like what you see and want to keep in the know, go ahead and subscribe.

Please do not hesitate to message me with any questions or concerns you may have with premed or pre-public health stuff! 

Anyway, take A Kritical Look around, enjoy! ❤