#MedSchoolRant 1

Today marks the end of two weeks of our Reproductive Block. This is a block I didn’t know I was looking forward to until the first day of class. While I sat in the back of the classroom listening to my first couple classes in Repro and for once, being fully engaged with all the material. I’m talking about that spark! You know that feeling where you’re like YES this is for me. All throughout medical school, I’ve enjoyed blocks – don’t get me wrong the human body is awesome – but at the end of each block I would always be like – yup I’m not gonna be a FILL IN THE BLANK (cardiologist, neurologist, etc). But with this block and the block before (Endocrine) it’s different. I have been LOVING it.

Loving the material but not necessarily who my school chose to teach us the material.

It’s a little frustrating to find something you are passionate about, just to hear it be taught from a perspective of the patriarchy. I want to hear about this field from the eyes of someone who is willing to see the humanity in medicine, from the eyes of someone who has lived their experiences, from the eyes of someone who is an advocate and ally. I want to learn about reproductive health from someone who not only respect but understands that the patient’s choice should be respected and supported.


There have been so many things throughout my medical school experience that I really wish I could change, or had the power to change. Most of it stems from being able to find like-minded faculty who are passionate, supportive and willing to understand.


I do realize though, that many of the professors that I am taught by represent about 50% of physicians in America and this is something that is so hard to stomach. Because I am just complaining as a medical student, I could only imagine what it feels like to be the patients of these physicians. To not feel like you are being heard during some of the most vulnerable times in your life. To not feel respected.


I tell myself over and over that this will only make me a stronger future physician. To listen more. To understand. To step back and learn and feel and fill in the gaps that my school may not be providing. Sure this will require more effort from me, but if it could save so many more lives and also make my patients feel heard, then it is completely worth it.

For now, I have to do what I must to make sure 1. I pass my classes! 2. Pass my board exams. 3. Find a way to create an impact on my institution and community to ensure that the changes that I want really do happen (if not for me, for future students to have a stronger foundation).

Anyway, I think that’s it for now. Gotta go hit the books, sketchy & anking deck LOL. I hope you all are doing amazing!! Thanks for listening to my first (of many) #MedSchoolRant

Let me know if you have any thoughts!! Would love to stay in touch via comments or email 🙂 Otherwise I’ll talk to yall later!! Wish me luck on this exammmm!

Sending the vibes you need,

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