hi, i’m back

I’m back!

& for my new friends…

Hi there!!

My name is Krit and some days I call myself student doctor Krit & days I am really feeling it, I call myself the Beyoncé of Public Health & Medicine. I am a rising second year osteopathic medical student.  My journey to medicine was non-traditional af – TLDR: over 1200 scribe hours, 1 post-bacc, 1 community health fellowship, 1 MPH, 1 MMS and over 50 rejections x 3. It was quite a journey. Part of the reason why I started this page was to remind pre-med students, never ever ever give up & to also stay connected to my humanity by promoting public health and advocating for social justice. So you’ll see a little bit of it all. I try to do all of it, but with med-school being a full-time job + overtime, it gets a little difficult.

On days where I am not researching public health or having 10-hour study days or trying to create an impact on campus , you will probably find me watching or reading Harry Potter for the millionth time. Fun fact: I love to read a chapter of Harry Potter before I go to bed every night. If I’m not in the middle of a Harry Potter binge, you’ll find me on an adventure to find the cutest hiking spot or you’ll find me with a carton of oreo coffee ice cream and watching the latest netflix binge. 

So what exactly is my “thing,” – meaning why do you want to following along – well I’m all over the place. I keep it one hundred. I’m a millennial in the middle of a Gen Z (yes this is alluding to the fact that I’m almost a decade older than my classmates, LOL) world trying to keep afloat and become the Beyoncé of Public Health and Medicine. 

Some days you’ll get some brilliant advice, another day inspiration and some days a raw story of me saying it is what it is. Now if I’ve lost you, it’s okay! & if you’ve decided to stay, leggo!! I’m so excited to have you here!!!

Now for my returning friends: 

Thank you for patience as I took some time to disconnect from all my screens and fully connect with those around me, or with whatever show/movies I was binging. Hey! I’m only human. So yes, I definitely did spend the first two weeks of my break as a couch potato – not mad at all. Then I finally decided to interact with family and friends. After a few hiking trips, beach trips and beautiful coastal views, I found myself back at school and ready to cram summer courses and prep for fall. Yup, you read that right. I definitely didn’t utilize this summer as wisely as I probably could have. But we don’t want a burnt out student Dr. Krit right? 

You all know that I love to keep it real here, so I wanted to share some insight from my hiatus. One of the reasons I had decided to fully disconnect was because I really was not feeling it anymore. The world of instagram had fully sucked me in, and to be quite frank – I was not enjoying it! The unrealistic depictions of life, performative activism, obsession with numbers and then the constant need to post to stay relevant- even if it was regurgitative –

I needed time to step away and remind myself how to be authentically me here without worrying about the numbers, the algorithm and trying to stay up to date. I needed time to remember why I started in the first place. For my future patients. For future healthcare workers. For public health. For humanity. Now that I’ve had that time to do so, I hope I can be honest, consistent (as I can be!), informative and maybe even a little bit inspiring!

Anyway, if you read this far – thanks for your patience and understanding! I so appreciate you being here! Moving forward, I’m excited! I am going to probably try out a couple different things that I hope to share with you all. 

I think that’s enough for today, until next time. 

Sending you all that you need to make it through the week,

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Thanks for dropping by! This is my small corner of the internet where we break down all things public health, medicine, advocacy & mentorship. If you don't leave my page a little more knowledgeable or inspired, please let me know! Take a look around and if you're feeling up for it, leave me a message :)

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