how to slow down & appreciate things

2020 taught me, to slow down and appreciate the little things.

This is relative to your own experience. I know that I was not considered an essential worker, I studied from home for most of the pandemic. I understand that essential workers may have had different experiences – like my parents their lives actually sped up, but I know they mentioned they also had newfound appreciations for little things. * I just wanted to start with that disclaimer.*

Personally, my life slowed down, a lot. I’ve learned to try to become more zen. Being locked in with med school lingering, I appreciated the slow down. Enjoying a breakfast in the morning with my favorite cup of Philz. Taking a walk as the sunset. Spending more time, then I have in a long time, with my family ❤ I haven’t been home home like this since 2016.

I have a newfound appreciation for grocery shopping, I love it. I admire the moon and the stars. The world slowed down dramatically. A drive to go to the Starbucks drivethru became a treat. Learning to embrace my passions was another thing I learned to love during this time. Being able to write and express myself through this page. Making new friends in new ways. Sharing my journey and learning from others’ journeys.

I also appreciate the things I took for granted. Driving to see my best friends- who I’m literally the closest I ever been to them but haven’t seen them in years. Dining out. GOING TO THE MOVIES, I miss them so much. Traveling. Oh my goodness what I would do for a good 8 hour road trip to Disney!!!!! Or a plane ride to DC to visit my crew & dance the night away. Oh i miss dancing.

Anyway, this post is to get you reflecting on how did the pandemic slow you down and make you appreciate the little things? Share below!! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Again I understand this was a stressful year, but this was a very simple #silverlining

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