racism is real and has always existed

I want to reiterate
racism is embedded in the healthcare system
racism is embedded in the criminal justice system
racism is embedded in the education system
racism is embedded in the political system
racism is embedded in corporate america
the institutions of america are racists

2020 reminded us over and over again that racism is real. It exists and we have tons of work to do. To review this lesson I took a couple of my past posts and condensed them to reflect what we have learned, see below.

This is also a huge reminder to all allies, that we gotta work harder than ever – we can’t stop. This is a movement not a moment. So review, reflect and make a plan of action to be more antiracist in 2021.

Tell me your plan in the comments below. Is it committing to adding more BIPOC in your newsfeed or reading more books about antiracist values? Or is it buying from more BIPOC? I wanna hear everything. I also want to hear what you learned about this lesson.

Before I end this post, I do hope you all take a moment to reflect on the lives lost to police brutality this year. The list in the slide reflects those lost and listed on “ saytheirnames.com” but I know the victims of police brutality are not limited to that list (unfortunately).

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