Self-Love in 2020

Another lesson learned in 2020 is that self-love comes in many forms!

This year forced us to look at self-love through many lenses: from the occasional spa day to learning to live with ourselves through a pandemic. Some days were harder than others, which is expected and 100% okay. The self-love movement was prominent prior to 2020, but we were tested on it this year more than ever. We were thrown into learning more about ourselves on a level that we never knew we needed to understand.

From creating boundaries with others to crossing boundaries with ourselves: 2020 was the year that taught me that self-love was deeper than what was sold to us in numerous BuzzFeed articles.

Self-love was creating a space to connect (for me it was this IG page!). Self-love was giving yourself space to feel your emotions. Self-love was going out for a walk for the 10th time that day because you needed fresh air. Self-love was treating yourself to your favorite burrito from the local taqueria. Self-love was limiting screen time when the world outside became too hard from your corner of the world. Self-love was beginning to understand your feelings during the pandemic. Self-love was saying no to protect your health and others. Self-love was finding purpose in the middle of the gazillionth ground hogs day. Self-love was being okay with doing nothing but binging netflix. Self-love was creating a routine and changing it a million times. Self-love was reminding yourself to eat, sleep and hydrate. Self-love was talking to a therapist. Self-love was reaching out to friends and families that you hadn’t talked to in a while. Self-love was living through this and loving yourself even if you didn’t want to.

Self-love is different for everyone and it is so important to acknowledge and respect yourself and other’s decisions.

“When you realize that you aren’t taking good care of your mind, body, heart, or time, it is very easy to spiral into shame and guilt. You may overcompensate with more thoughts or behaviors that are not self-loving. But this is absolutely normal. This is where self-compassion shows up.” – Arianna Smith

What does self-compassion look like?
1. Listen to yourself
2. Identify what caused you to not respect or identify your needs or boundaries.
3. Deciding to make a commitment to move towards improving those feelings.
4. Allowing yourself grace to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

What did self-love look for you? How has your definition of self-love changed for you? What did you learn about self-love this year?

Let me know as we reflect on the lessons learned of 2020.

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