A Kritical Look – The Beginning

A Kritical Look is more than a “medfluencer” blog. It is the perspective of medicine, beyond medicine. It is about advocacy, mentorship, social justice, breaking barriers, and an honest, blunt perspective of your not-so-average medical student.

I started this platform to keep connected to my humanity throughout medical school. Part of what drives me to maintain this humanity is many of the concepts that I learned during my Masters of Public Health program. I graduated in 2019 with my Master of Public Health in Community-Oriented Primary Care and quickly learned that healthcare in America is treated as a privilege, rather than a right. For example, it has been evidentially proven – on my accounts – that your zipcode will determine how long you will live. I learned this my first day of my MPH class and immediately knew that I needed to change that. With that said, I am extremely passionate about eliminating health disparities by addressing social determinants of health. This platform allows me to dissect issues that I am passionate about, via research skills I developed during my MPH program, and share them with the world. I primarily use peer-reviewed evidence based articles – because I am a huge believer in facts over fiction.

Additionally, part of this platform is dedicated to my premed journey & current medical school journey. I am one of the most non-traditional medical students there and am quite transparent about my journey. To give you the TLDR (as I will explain the journey in an entire post) I graduated from the University of California, Merced in 2014 after spending 5 years completing my Bachelor’s of Arts, Psychology, Bachelor’s of Science, Human Biology and a minor in Creative Writing. Upon completing that journey I spent a couple years in the Emergency Department as a medical scribe, completed a post-bacc, served in a Community Health Fellowship, complete my Master’s of Public Health & a Master’s of Medical Science. Six years out of undergrad and I finally received an acceptance letter. Yup, you read that correctly SIX WHOLE YEARS. Was that the original plan? Of course not. Am I still thankful, hell yes. My stats were way below average. But as a first-gen grad, my journey was never a straight path. I persevered. Yo girl has GRIT and because of my self-navigated journey, I made a promise to help mentor those in similar positions – so they don’t have to. It’s very important to me. So if you resonate, don’t ever hesitate to reach out!

With all that said, welcome! I am so happy to have you here as we Kritically Look into public health issues, social injustices, & my med journey!

Sending positive vibes always,


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Thanks for dropping by! This is my small corner of the internet where we break down all things public health, medicine, advocacy & mentorship. If you don't leave my page a little more knowledgeable or inspired, please let me know! Take a look around and if you're feeling up for it, leave me a message :)

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