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hi, i’m back

I’m back! & for my new friends… Hi there!! My name is Krit and some days I call myself student doctor Krit & days I am really feeling it, I call myself the Beyoncé of Public Health & Medicine. I am a rising second year osteopathic medical student.  My journey to medicine was non-traditional af […]

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the growth years: medical scribing

Upon graduating from undergrad with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology & my lil creative writing minor, I immediately entered the field of medical scribing. Let’s rewind to how I got there, because I know many of those that are reading this are pre-medical students seeking a little guidance […]

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public health, my first real love

It is National Public Health Week! A week put coordinated by the American Public Health Association to dedicate an entire week to Public Health. Two years ago I remember anticipating this week as part of the George Washington University Public Health Student Association board. Coordinating events – academically and socially relevant – and truly encompassing […]

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